"MOSNEFT" OOO (Oil Refinery)

"MOSNEFT" OOO (Oil Refinery) is One of the most dynamic companies in the south of the Moscow Region universal fuel- feed direction , created in order to meet consumer demand for petroleum products.

In 2010, the company has demonstrated steady growth and achieved strong operating and financial performance .

OOO "MOSNEFT" was founded in 2006 . In 1997, the subsidiary has started the first filling station network "Rostneft" By 2013, the number of stations has increased to 80 . During 2013 the company showed strong growth and has achieved strong operating and financial performance.

The activities of the company's management will continue to focus on the effective use of high-quality assets and resources of the company and the efficient development of the unique potential possessed OOO " MOSNEFT" , in strict compliance with the interests of the shareholder, the state of the community and each employee of our company.

The quality of products meets the requirements of technical regulations "On requirements for automobile and aviation gasoline , diesel and marine fuel for jet fuel and heating oil " entered into force on 1 January 2009 . Compliance with these requirements to the quality of motor fuels is not possible without adequate technical upgrading.

Separately, it should be noted that the company "MOSNEFT" , concentrating its efforts on production activities, at the same time paying attention to social issues . Employees of the company offers a wide range of social benefits and guarantees.

OOO "MOSNEFT" is actively involved in social and economic life of the city. By participating in the financing of social programs , makes a worthy contribution to the development of the city and the district. For 2012 , OOO " MOSNEFT " has had a significant charitable and sponsorship for the provision of health services and education, organization of cultural and sports activities, maintenance of public order in the city.

We are confident that the successful implementation of our strategic plans will ensure a steady growth of the company, and as a result, will continue to make significant contributions to the industry.

In the design of new facilities have been designed and implemented advanced technologies to minimize negative impacts on the environment:

  • plant recovery of hydrocarbon vapors during filling of petroleum products in the rail and road tankers , with a collection efficiency 99,3%;
  • equipment cylindrical storage tanks sealed floating pontoons , can reduce emissions of hydrocarbon vapors into the atmosphere by 98%;
  • local treatment facilities for the treatment of industrial waste water and storm water from oil prior to transport to urban biological treatment facilities.
  • All manufacturing facilities of the "MOSNEFT" is equipped with modern automated process control systems, special instrumentation and devices , equipment of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers, which reliably provides both industrial and environmental safety of the entire production process.

    The company's goal

  • Guarantee provision of regional needs Russian oil.
  • increase the quality of petroleum products to the world level.
  • Providing jobs for the region.
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    • Gasoline export
    • Fuel oil 40, 100 II species GOST 10585-99
    • Diesel Fuel GOST 305-82
    • Jet Fuel (Aviation Kerosene)
    • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
    • Brent Crude Oil
    • Light heating fuel
    • Dark heating fuel